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24 Hours
Sauna and steam bath are for exclusive use of gym patrons from 7am to 11pm daily


Tamara Yoga – Fremantle

Tamara Yoga – Fremantle

Tamara first started teaching yoga classes in New York because her friends, and then their friends, asked her to. In a way, yoga teaching chose her. Once she started, she realized there was such a tremendous need for yoga. Much more than she could do alone. Yoga is calming, energizing, helps you sleep better, makes you stronger, healthier, increases brain function, concentration and memory, increases fertility, has been shown at the cellular level to be ‘anti-aging’, plus it helps you to feel happier. Who doesn’t need that?

Tamara started training yoga teachers so together they could serve more people. Every teacher at Tamara Yoga has successfully undertaken comprehensive nationally and internationally recognized training with Tamara. The teachers at Tamara Yoga are the best of the best, and are passionate about increasing happiness in the world and helping you to feel great.

Tamara Yoga is ideal for you for if you feel there’s something more you could be getting out of your life, if you’re stressed but you know deep down that there must be a better way. We’re perfect for each other if you feel drawn to learning about real yoga. Tamara Yoga delivers proven benefits. Our students say things like “my yoga practice has changed my life and I owe that change to Tamara and her wonderful teachers.” _Angela Allessandrini. “I feel so at home at Tamara Yoga; and I am so thankful for everything that I have learnt, shared and experienced. It has reshaped my life and bought me much happiness.” _Tanya Wilson

Tamara’s dreams have come true – to spread peace, love and joy. Now, she has an amazing team of beautiful teachers. Tamara Yoga has grown to two studios – Claremont and Bibra Lake, offering more than 40 classes each week plus yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in Margaret River and Bali. The name Tamara in Hebrew means palm tree, a representation of peace, and Lotus in Tamil – one of the oldest languages and a classical language of India. The lotus symbolizes elevated consciousness – growing out of the murky mud, lifting in beauty to the light. We believe that yoga can change the world for the better, one person at a time.

We believe within each of us is a deep well of contentment, strength and joy. Yoga is the tool that will help you recover your natural peacefulness and to know the true brilliance of your soul.

Tamara Yoga is grounded in ISHTA Yoga. ISHTA is the physical and spiritual form of yoga that addresses the individual needs of each student. ISHTA is an acronym for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. Hatha is the physical practice of yoga that creates balance and health. Hatha purifies the body to prepare it for experiencing higher levels of consciousness, particularly uninterrupted bliss. Tantra is the yogic philosophy that recognizes the perfection in all beings and Ayurveda is the ancient, holistic Indian science of healing enabling a long life. ISHTA is a Sanskrit word meaning that which resonates with the individual spirit. Hence, the emphasis at Tamara Yoga on personalizing your practice to deliver the results you need.

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