Four Tips for Conscious Consumerism

Four Tips for Conscious Consumerism


At tmf. we value mindful, conscious and kind consumerism. We saw what our clients desired, and we created products that aligned with their values and ethos. As consumers, we have an incredible power to vote with our dollar and to dictate change in the practices and procedures of big businesses. We’ve created a simple, easy to apply list of changes you can make when choosing your consumables and explain how these minor tweaks can contribute to a healthier, happier planet.

1 // Choose authentic brands that align with your own values.

If we saw something going down during our weekend stroll, something that was in complete violation of our personal beliefs or values, we surely wouldn’t stand by and watch. Why would we then adopt a complacent standpoint when it comes to the businesses of which we endorse? As consumers, its our responsibility to get to know the companies we support and ensure that they share our vision and our ethos. By shopping authentically and choosing to support soul-driven suppliers and businesses you are, in turn, voting for unique and individual consumables in favour of the made-in-bulk cookie cutter pieces that we so often are lulled into.

2 // Look for sustainable packaging.

If a company is environmentally savvy AF and is making conscious efforts for a minimalistic approach to their packaging and utilising innovative recyclable materials – they automatically launch themselves to the top of the podium in the ‘which brand will she buy?’ competition. Why? Because businesses have an incredible opportunity to path the way within their industry, to show others how it can be done and to get the conversation going in activating social change. Choose brands and products that boast purposeful packaging (thus reducing any unnecessary waste); are endeavouring to use recyclable or reused materials wherever possible and that proudly share their ethos with their clientele.

3 // Be kind to your body.

It’s not just within our ingestible products that we need to be aware of hidden nasties and chemicals that are better left on a ‘keep out of reach of humans’ shelf. Our skin is our largest organ and although it provides a pretty good barrier to keep the outside world from messin’ up our inside world, simply from exposure to chemicals and inorganic substances in our clothes, furniture, make up, food containers … errything, we can be potentially opening ourselves up to unwanted toxins. There’s a reason that when God created man he didn’t add a sprinkle of ‘triclosan’ (a chemical found in soaps, deodorants, toothpastes and many more, which has been linked to hormone disruption and antibiotic resistance), we aren’t designed to take in that which is entirely foreign to our constitution. By choosing products that instead use natural ingredients and materials that maximise the healing properties of mother nature (flower essences; essential oils; herbs etc) you are ensuring that your body is given the best chance to thrive in its natural, connected state.

4 // Ask questions.

Unfortunately, it’s easy enough to whack a label on a brand and be told that its ‘eco-friendly’, ‘green’ or ‘earth wise’. They’re all great marketing words but when push comes to shove, you could stick it on a can of chemically laden hairspray because you used ONE ingredient that wasn’t carcinogenic. The concept of ‘greenwashing’, where companies imply their moral and environmental compliance even when they have no substantiated truth to back it up, is one that needs to be addressed and one that consumers need to wise up to. Start by making informed decisions, read labels, investigate, don’t take everything at face value and, after all that, chat with the company or brand and ask them the big questions. Don’t settle for uncertainty – be sure that the brands you are supporting are the ones that are ultimately supporting you, and the world you wish to live in, right back.

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