Five Sustainable and Eco Friendly Brands You Should be Following

Five Sustainable and Eco Friendly Brands You Should be Following


It’s hard not to miss the plastic free trend spread all over social media. 2018 has been all about ditching the plastic bottle, refusing the straw and bringing your own shopping cart to the supermarket. We’re all for it and want to spread the plastic free love far and wide. So we’ve put together a list of our favourite sustainable and eco-friendly brands to shine a light on their amazing products and ethical ethos. If you think eco-friendly shopping means dull and boring, think again because these guys are guaranteed to change your mind.


Arnhem is taking sustainable and eco-friendly clothing to a whole new level. They’re bringing 80’s prints back and better than ever. Think gypsy maxi dresses, floral designs and hippie flared jeans. All of their garments are responsibly sourced with the planet in mind. They have created their own fabric blends to ensure that nothing we love was sacrificed in the process of their making. Find them in the heart of Byron Bay, the mecca for gypsy living and bohemian spirit.

Spell & The Gypsy

Also nestled in the wellness hub of Byron Bay, is Spell & the Gypsy. Spell’s campaign is all about ‘walking a little lighter’. Doing everything they can to leave a lighter footprint on our beautiful planet. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to sustainable fibres. They have become one of the world’s most conscious fashion brands and are leading the way in the textile industry, making sustainability the new norm. They even use 100% vegetable dyes!

Salt Gypsy

Need a new ‘kini just in time for summer? Salt Gypsy have got you covered with their surfwear and swimsuits. They use Econyl to recover wasted materials, giving them new life and turning them into the lastest fashion statement. From fishing nets, to carpet fluff and textile offcuts. They’re 100% plastic free and committed to their cause. Are you ready to join their fashion revolution?

Seed & Sprout

If eco-friendly fashion isn’t your thing, Seed & Sprout is right up your street. From stainless steel bento lunch boxes, to plastic free straws, metal wattle bottles and woven string shopping bags. These guys have got everything you need to live a happy eco-friendly life. For every item you have in your kitchen cupboards, we guarantee they’ve got a sustainable alternative… designed with class too! Find their eco store in Byron Bay or shop online to go plastic free.

Adidas Parley

Is that plastic slowing you down? Now you can run faster than ever with the new Adidas Parley range…100% plastic free. ‘Spinning the problem into a solution. The threat into a thread’. Adidas have joined the eco-friendly revolution and we couldn’t be happier. A brand that you know and trust to deliver you the quality goods, without harm done to our planet… win win!


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