Staying Healthy in Melbourne on a Budget

Staying Healthy in Melbourne on a Budget


Ok, so it’s time to get HEALTHY! You’re ready and pumped to go… but then eek this is going to be sooo expensive! You think the grocery bill alone will cost this months rent… don’t worry we have pulled together all of our very best money saving tips on how to stay healthy in Melbourne on a budget.

Shop When You’re Full

First things first… always eat before you go grocery shopping. If you have a full stomach, you’ll buy less and are also less likely to select fatty, sugary foods. You should also get into the habit of carrying a healthy snack (like nuts or bliss balls) wherever you go so that you don’t splurge on takeaway meals and junk when you are out and about.

Order Groceries Online

This might sound like a weird one, but you can buy in bulk and find some sweet discounts at such a variety of online health food stores. Plus you’re not in a rush, running around the store, so you can look through the products and make smarter decisions. Head straight to the sales page and find all the best discounted goods in ONE spot!

PRO TIP: Shop with a gal pal and split shipping. That’s a couple of extra coffees for the week.

Health Food Store Discounts

Many local health food stores host weekly or monthly discount days, eg. Earth Store have 10& off every Sunday for their members! It’s such a simple way to save a few extra dollars and support your local crew.


An average yoga or fitness class can be anywhere from $20-$40 per class, so if you can’t commit to one studio or like different studios (we all have a few faves) ClassPass is your new BFF. Pay ONE membership and visit various location all over Melbourne (and the world!)

Free Fitness Events

Who doesn’t love a big group of like-minded souls, coming together to sweat it up for a bit of fun on the weekend? Why not join one of these amazing FREE Fitness events coming up in Melbourne:

– Weekly Adidas Runners clubs – from beginners to pros this is a fun group of fitness lovers, making running fun! Meet at The Tan on Wednesdays.

Daily Fitness Classes at Fed Square

Not sure what you feel like today? Tai Chi or maybe Lunchtime Meditation? Check out all of the free fitness hosted by Federation Square in the CBD. Forever changing and new classes being added. Sounds like the best excuse to get out of the office for an hour if you ask us.

– Ever wanted to Salsa?

Nows your chance, thanks to the Salsa Foundation you can learn for free at their beginners Salsa classes on Wednesday and Thursday every week in the Melbourne CBD.

– Melbourne Outdoor Gyms and Fitness Activities

Discover outdoor gyms and free fitness activities at various locations around Melbourne. Individual listings include a summary of equipment with photos, instructional videos, free workout plans, and the exact location of the park – a great resource to help you find some free fitness locally.

Lululemon Emporium Classes & Events

In-store yoga every Wednesday evening plus an array of cool speakers and health events held in store. Head to the website to check out what’s coming up next!

Nimble Activewear Classes & Events, Armadale

Everything from community pilates, yoga, winter wellness series with guest speakers! Check out their website for upcoming events and classes.

Online Fitness Classes

If you’re not into sweating it up with your fellow peeps, don’t stress as there are options for you too! Try on of the numerous online fitness classes and health programs!

FMTV ($9.95 p/month)

It’s the healthy version of Netflix! You can watch 1000’s of health documentaries, quick recipes, yoga videos and so much more!

Keep it Cleaner ($19.50 p/month)

The uber gorgeous KIC girls, Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith created an online lifestyle program featuring HIIT, boxing, running, strength training, healthy meal plans, regular meditation sessions and life hacks.

BOD by Rachael Finch ($24.95 p/month)

The stunning Rachel Finch has created all the #fitspo we need with her online health and lifestyle program! Including meal plans, meditations, plus all of the workouts are less than 30 minutes and you can do them anywhere, anytime – perfect for all of with crazy schedules. NO excuses left!

SWEAT by Kayla Itsines ($19.99 p/month)

The OG of the fitness world, Kayla Itsines. Simply log into the Sweat app and follow the guided 28-minute guided BBG workouts. Now there really are no excuses! The app also includes 2 other superstar trainers to take you through weights sessions and yoga flows, and healthy meal plans – perfect combo!

No matter what your fitness routine is, you have all our top secrets to creating a healthy lifestyle on a budget! If you have any other budget-friendly health tips we’d love to hear from you, comment below!

Featured image: @nimbleactivewear


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