Breathwork: The Fastest Growing Wellness Trend of The Year

Breathwork: The Fastest Growing Wellness Trend of The Year


Heard of breathwork but don’t really know what it is? Our 6 top Aussie specialists are spelling it out and showing us how we could all benefit from adding some breathwork into our lives.

Tim Morrison

Born and raised in Perth, Tim Morrison is leading the way when it comes to Shamanic Breathwork. This breathwork, also known as rebirthing, is thought to be healing not only spiritually, but also physically, mentally and emotionally too. Shamanic breathwork is said to allow you to enter your subconscious, allow you to reconnect with yourself and help you to find true self awakening. Through Morrison’s Shamanic breathwork experience, he plays specific sounds that will take you even deeper into your healing potential, allowing you to discover the power and potential of your breath and break through any limiting beliefs.

Martin Wilks

With over 20 years of experience as a breathwork practitioner, Martin Wilks believes that breathwork can be the cure to all chronic conditions, can provide deep cellular cleansing and help you achieve optimal health. He is taking the spirituality of breathwork to a new level and discovering the physical benefits too. By removing the physical blockages within the body, energy is able to flow through the body more easily, and through all areas of life. If you’re based in Sydney and looking for the best breathworker in town, Wilks is your man.

Lars Anderson

Known for his mindful breathing techniques, Lars Anderson is the king of breathwork in Brisbane. His Mindful Breathing Therapy has helped hundreds of people overcome anxiety, depression and mental health challenges. By unlocking repressed emotions, Anderson helps you gain greater mindful awareness and helps you achieve your full potential. Not only does this help you relax and clear your mind, but it can also improve your behaviour and relationships with others too.

Anthony Olsen

Anthony is unique in his breathwork practice as he combines his knowledge of chinese medicine with Holotropic breathwork. Holotropic breathwork is a simple breathing technique that is used to harness the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Anthony had his first experience of Holotropic breathwork in 1997, with one of Australia’s pioneering Holotropic Breathwork practitioners, the Reverend Alf Foote. Find him at his breathwork and acupuncture practice, Spiritgate, in Melbourne.

Katie Alexander

Looking to take control back on your life? Meet Katie Alexander. Katie works towards helping people break bad patterns, release suppressed emotions and allows you to ‘let go’. ‘Breathwork can help you to deepen your understanding of yourself, to take more control of your life, and to experience more inner love, peace, happiness, freedom, aliveness and well-being.’ ‘This breathing technique is a gentle way to approach what’s holding you back in life and keeping you stuck and has you gracefully move into a space of healing and transformation within you.’ So if you’re in Queensland on the Gold Coast and this is calling out to you, get in touch!

Helle Weston

For those of you across the pond in Bali, you have to hit up breathwork specialist Helle Weston. Helle specialises in working with women, helping to uncover their true potential and spiritual awakening. ‘Through a unique combination of deep mindset coaching, breathwork, channeling and energy medicine, I can help YOU get crystal clear on where you need to go next to rise further into your purpose and live life fully.’ If you’re ready for some real life transformation, Weston is your girl!


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