Top Five Healthy Date Ideas With A Twist In Sydney

Top Five Healthy Date Ideas With A Twist In Sydney


Whether you’re newly coupled up or years deep into a loved up life with your beau, don’t ever disregard the importance of keeping ‘dates’ alive. Dates are the best way to keep discovering more about each other, whilst having double the fun and bonding over beautiful experiences!

So whether you’re keen to impress the hottie from the gym, when they FINALLY ask you on your first date, or want to treat your other half to a new adventure, check out this list below of top hot spot date ideas. These are guaranteed to help them fall in love with you that little bit more, whilst scoring you serious brownie points! P.S. No ‘cheesy’ expense was spared when writing this.

1. Get a little bit more crazy about each other over crazy golf!

Remember playing crazy golf as a kid? Well, it’s possibly even more fun as an adult, especially alongside the one you heart the most. Unleash your mini golf skills as you battle out to win the most hole in ones, at Holey Moley, in either vibrant Newtown or buzzing Kings Cross. Each hole is a totally unique and quirky experience. Forget the usual and boring windmills and castles and putt your way through shark infested waters and pop culture references, like The Simpsons couch.

2. Get at one with the ocean

Particularly for when the weather starts to heat up, it doesn’t get much more refreshing than hitting the blue ocean and getting at one with nature, with your date beside you. Pulling out a kayaking or paddle boarding date is sure to exhilarate you both! Kayaking is a great alternative to the usual evening date, giving you both a chance to enjoy the scenery from the sparkling waters. Rose Bay Aquatic Hire offers single kayaks for $25 per hour, and double kayaks for $50 per hour (can it get much cuter than a double kayak!). You can also take the option of stopping over at Shark or Clarke Island. Paddle boarding is another fantastic duo activity, which will improve your core stability and get those abs worked out too! Don’t they say those who train together stay together? Why not get active and put these water sports to the test. Just turn up and hire a board.

3. Find your inner Picasso

Ever thought about bringing out your inner artist and getting a little bit creative with your other half? Cork and Canvas paint studio is all about giving it a go, don’t worry you’re not expected to be a fine artist, as one of their talented painters takes you on a fun step-by-step guide. This is the perfect opportunity to create something you’ll actually be proud to take home and pop on the wall, and it’s BYO drinks and nibbles, making it even more relaxed and fun. They handle all the arty stuff (aprons, paints, glassware, etc) so all you and your beau need to do is turn up ready to get creative! Themes run from anything like ‘Create your own Banksy’ to ‘Van Gogh Sunflowers’, so pick the one that appeals the most and get excited for a date that’s a little less ordinary. Public paint sessions run from 2-3 hours and range between $50-$60 per person, in the buzzing heart of Surry Hills.

4. Reach for the moon and you’ll get the moon!

Who can forget the thrill of the fairground, especially when you have the one that makes your heart race by your side! Luna Park will unleash the inner kid in both of you and get you giggling like you’re back in school again. With tickets starting at just $48, you and your date can share a romantic kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel overlooking Sydney Harbour, how’s that for getting sparks to fly?! For those wanting an even greater thrill, get ready to be spun right round on the Rotor. This is an epic gravity defying ride, a legend for millions of riders and vertically unchallenged since opening in the 1950s. Gravity pulls you against the wall, spins you out at ridiculous speeds and slips the floor out from under your feet to leave you hanging in mid air. With many more adrenaline inducing and nostalgic rides on offer, this date will be sure to take their (and your) breath away!

5. Pack a picnic and find a secluded beach

You’ll never be short of beach date options in Sydney, but sometimes it’s nice to go slightly off the beaten track and mark out a spot for you and your bae on a beach that’s a little more hidden away, like Milk Beach in Vaucluse. Situated at the base of Hermit Bay within the Sydney Harbour National Park, Milk Beach is a small isolated beach surrounded by the Heritage listed Strickland House. It’s the perfect place to pack a picnic and head away to, as it offers breathtaking views of Sydney, and really is one of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs best-kept secrets. It’s the perfect spot to walk to and watch sunrise or sunset over a delicious packed breakfast or dinner picnic, I don’t think it can get any more idyllic!

Blog post written by Katy Moore, Brit living in Sydney and obsessed with everything health and wellness related.

Feature image: @toooope


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