23 Ways To De-Stress

23 Ways To De-Stress


Olivia Gynell on How to Raise Your Vibrations in Times of Stress.

Have you ever found yourself feeling exhausted or with low vibrations, even if you are seemingly doing all of the right things? You eat and sleep well enough and, for the most part, life runs smoothly. Work and finances are good, you have great friends and enjoy your life, but then some days you feel frustrated, on edge or just plain old stressed out.

Your partner is in a grumpy mood, or perhaps you notice that you’ve been overcharged on your latest bill. The kids may be testing boundaries more than usual. Or you feel a little under the weather and check your phone to see if there is a full moon you can blame for all the crazy.

When you think of all in the world and in life as energy, you begin to see a different viewpoint. Understand that your thoughts, and then actions bring all of these situations to you directly. You’ve put the call out directly to the Universe, whether you have meant to or not.

I’ve come up with 23 ways, tried and true methods that assist bringing things back to centre in times of stress.

Thought > Feeling > Thought Pattern > Belief

When having a thought, it creates a feeling and activates your vibrations and emotions. This becomes the set point in which more thoughts come. A pattern is then established for the same kind of thoughts, which in time, become your beliefs. And your beliefs are the primary system in which you view the world, and act/react to all that life presents to you.

When a feeling is generated, it activates a vibrational frequency. And this frequency is the level you operate from and receive in more of the same.

Thought > Feeling > Frequency > Intention is Set > Universe Receives and Delivers

So the old saying ‘your thoughts create your world’ is in reality, true. And although you may have more happy than sad days, tend to feel good when you wake each day, sometimes we can still focus on lower feeling thoughts to unconsciously attract negative things into our life.

By taking charge and becoming aware of these lower vibrations as they present, you can quickly turn things around to a much more positive experience, and in the long term reduce or eliminate altogether any negative experiences.

So what can I do?

When you can lift your mood, improve your feelings, then your thoughts will shift to an elevated form and you life will begin to feel more positive, much more regularly. The frequency to all of the lower, more negative experiences doesn’t match with a higher frequency of happier living, and so will drop away as there will be no traction. You will not have to do, or say anything personally to remove them.

Take note of how you feel when you read the following statements, and consider how many of these you use regularly:

I don’t have enough money
I will never lose weight
I don’t have a partner, and feel lonely
I’ll never find my dream job
I don’t have enough time
I always get sick
I’m far too busy
I am always late

If you can imagine your feelings as a magnet, what kind of things will you attract with these statements?

Now, let’s compare the more elevated alternatives and note the difference in how these feel:

I love receiving money
There is a suitable solution out there for me.
Wouldn’t it be nice if I found a suitable partner
I feel excited for when my dream job finds its way to me
I often have good health
Although my life is busy, I can find time for myself
I can get there on time

Other ways you can prevent your energies from lowering, is by avoiding negative people and situations. For example: being a sounding board for a friend who regularly experiences struggles will drain your energy. Remaining focused on the negatives of any situation will also keep you low. But by improving the way you think and feel, little by little, the Universe will very quickly respond to your new and elevated frequency. It just gets better, and better. I promise!

So make a list of what thoughts you notice that need a positivity makeover. Choose replacements that have your feelings lift a little higher and you’ll be on your way. You can learn more about my Positive Attunement Strategies here.

In times of stress, here are my top 23 things to do to keep your energy clear and your vibrations high:

  • get outdoors in the sun for 10 mins.
  • take 10 long, mindful breaths in a comfy, seated position.
  • chat to a friend about something happy
  • watch a funny movie
  • drink more water
  • get an early night
  • find a nice 10 min meditation and start doing each day
  • take a nice soothing magnesium and lavender salt bath
  • eat fresh foods that contain vitality (that are alive)
  • take a walk in nature
  • hug someone you love
  • put your fave music on and dance
  • grab an uplifting book
  • do some smudging with some sage to clear your living and working environments (don’t forget to include yourself, phone and wallet)
  • find some affirmations that lift your heart
  • protect your energy by using a visualisation, meditation or creating your own invocation
  • instead of feeling frustrated or drained by others, choose to see the good and wish them love
  • only allow negative feelings or words to surface for 17 seconds. After this they generate energy and initiate a negative frequency
  • start a gratitude journal. The fastest way to lift your energies is by feeling appreciation for what you already have
  • make a list of anything and everything that lights you up. Choose one each day to keep your momentum going.
  • create some fave Pinterest boards to inspire you.
  • avoid telling a story of how things currently are. Instead learn to tell the story of how you wish to be
  • become aware of your feelings. The moment you feel them dip or veer, go straight to an activity from this list and get elevating.

Soon enough, your mind will do this for you, and your energies will stay raised and you will be living on an entirely positive and joyful frequency every day.

Image: Olivia Gynell


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