Brisbane’s Must-Follow Health and Fitness Influencers

Brisbane’s Must-Follow Health and Fitness Influencers


Here are must-follow influencers/ bloggers/ Instagram accounts from Brisbane. These #girlbosses are absolutely killing it!

The Healthy Me

Instagram: @the_healthy_me

Sam Lengren is a fitness and wellness influencer, Brisbane-based PT and loving mother who is devoted to the holistic health of herself and her clients. Sam is renown for her honesty on social media. Her followers appreciate her candid discussions about the dark days that followed the birth of her son, heavy and somewhat intrusive workloads and body image issues. While she is excited about her good days she acknowledges her hard ones – a refreshing take on the hyper-polished world of Instagram.

Chontel Duncan

Instagram: @chontelduncan

Chontel is a 10! Looks, personality, attitude – she has it all. Director of @hiit_australia, she has an enormous following due to the proven success of her high-intensity workouts and flexibility and variety of her Transformation Program meal-plans. She is also super supportive of her successful clients, showing them off on her personal account with gushing pride.

Lauren Kate

Instagram: @___laurenkate

Single mummy, PT and warrior against debilitating mental illnesses, Lauren is the #girlboss of our dreams! Unabashedly sharing her struggles with anxiety and resulting troughs in motivation, she lets her followers in on proactive steps they can take to be the very best version of themselves.

Georgie Stevenson

Instagram: @georgiestevenson

Lawyer-to-be, Georgie Stevenson blogs about fashion, fitness all things she loves. Balancing full-time work with her passion for fitness and health, she encourages her following to embrace their bodies and treat them with respect.

Emma Ceolin

Instagram: @emmaceolin

Seen her before? Ex Beauty from Beauty and the Geek, Emma, is a yoga goddess. Determined to fill her following with good vibes only, Emma takes the road less travelled by and lives with love and passion.

Katie Martin

Instagram: @katiemmartin_

Owner of @kfitbrisbane, Katie is the perfect proponent for her own brand – check out those abs! Her instagram is a fun follow full of workout selfies and outings with friends.

Marika Day

Instagram: @marikaday

Gut and Women’s Health Dietician and Nutritionist, Marika knows that when you put good things on the inside, it shows on the outside. While she’s now based in Sydney, and grew up in Toowoomba, she made a name for herself in Brisbane with her killer Fit Food and Soul bootcamps so we can at least claim her partly, right?

Ashley Annaca

Instagram: @ashleyannaca

Health coach Ashley is powered by all things green and grainy. Her YouTube channel is filled with fun and interactive tutorials for baking healthy sweet treats, perfect booty workouts and useful diet suggestions.

Nicole Hall

Instagram: @nicolehallfitness_pt

Ryderwear sponsored athlete, Nicole is fit and fabulous. She happily demonstrates form and gives instructional advice to her followers about the correct way to workout. She is all about clean living and working hard for what you want.

Paris Coldham

Instagram: @pariscoldham

Paris has documented her journey on Instagram from athlete to Bikini Juniors Competitor and the highs and lows that arose in between. She is a gorgeous role-model for her followers and fans who she motivates to smash their goals.


Who else should Green Goodness Co be following? Let us know! We love supporting and collaborating with local influencers to advance their health and fitness goals.

Check out our own Instagram @greengoodnesscobris, for the latest goodness in Brissy!

Image: @brittactive


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