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Fearless Activewear

Fearless Activewear
Fearless Active Wear is an Australian active wear brand fusing sports luxe style with performance function.

Designed and developed by Perth based fitness professional and former Brisbane Roar soccer player, Calum O’Connell, Fearless Active Wear allows more than just function, it embodies style and comfort, offering a range of bold colours and patterns to suit any mood or activity.

Each garment is made for comfort using moisture-wicking compression fabrics ideal for the most strenuous of activities. The detailed design and construction gives each piece a technical edge to stand the test of time and durability.

Tried and tested across a range of sports, movements and classes, our garments maintain their quality throughout your exercise journey.

Our vision is to empower women to look and feel Fearless in any activity, in any environment, at the gym or in the street.

Fearless Active Wear is bridging the gap between performance and lifestyle while retaining a technical and stylish edge for you to look and feel Fearless. Be Fearless and join the movement.

#iamfearless #fearlessactivewear
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