An Evening Workout to Squash Stress

An Evening Workout to Squash Stress


You’ve finished your working day, you’re overwhelmed, over tired, and over worked. Anxious energy is pouring out of you, and you feel a little like you could cry, scream, or hit something… hard! So, why don’t you channel that energy in to one of the best stress management tools you have, exercise!

It’s no new story that exercise has significant impacts on our mental health, but it can be a game changer in the way you manage and combat stress, long term. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel GOOD! It creates mental clarity, increases productivity, and can give you the ability to turn stressful day in to an empowered one.

Give this stress-combating workout a go!

Warm Up

30 seconds running on the spot
30 seconds high knees running
30 seconds air punches
30 seconds step back alternating lunges


Boxing HIIT Circuit
45 seconds effort – 15 seconds rest

Air Punches or cross jabs in to a boxing bag.
Torsion Bar Squat Press
Air Upper Cuts or Upper Cuts in to a boxing bag
Torsion bar Over Head Sit ups
Air punch hooks or hooks in to boxing bag
Torsion Bar Bench Press
Mtn Climbers
Torsion Bar Back Step Lunges


You’ve punched, sweated, grunted, and worked your entire body with this total stress conquering sweat sesh. If you’re not feeling on cloud nine and full of motivation to kick some goals in the butt now, then… Try another round? ?

Try this workout with a buddy next time your at the gym, or even in your own backyard. You wont regret it!

Workout & article lovingly provided by Camilla Bazley – @coach_camilla!


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