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Products available for purchase all hours of the day from our online store, or from one of our stockists listed on our website under the ‘WHERE TO BUY’ tab.


Clean Slate Skincare

Clean Slate Skincare

Clean Slate is conscious and honest skincare, pure and simple. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.

We are determined to create products with the highest level of transparency and integrity and it’s for this reason that every morsel of product that passes through our workshop is of the finest possible quality.

When you purchase a Clean Slate product, you’re not just buying something that looks, feels and smells amazing, you’re buying 15 years of rigorous testing and refining – recipes that have been scientifically formulated to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

We create with the belief that beautiful skincare and homewares can be achieved without the use of animal products or harmful synthetic ingredients. So we don’t use them.

Everything you find in our store is naturalvegan and cruelty free certified, so you’ll actually be able to pronounce the ingredients list.

We also just down right love making the stuff. All of our creations are made using the most traditional methods possible. This means scaled down, small batch production that allow us to maintain quality and ensure everything is formulated using only sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.

We’re passionate about supplying you with products that are intrinsically real, so there is minimal machine interference in the production process and everything is hand made, stirred, poured and packaged.

 The Clean Slate philosophy of skincare –

– Honesty, transparency and integrit
– Purposeful ingredient
– No animal testing

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