Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving for 2020

Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving for 2020


Join us in declaring that this Christmas be a conscious one.

  • You will give gifts that are thoughtful and good for our mind, body, and spirit
  • You are not going to buy for the sake of buying
  • You will be mindful of the impact both short term and long term on the environment -low waste & low-tox

We wanted to put together a quick list of gifts that will tick all the boxes for those receiving any these thoughtful gifts plus making you feel good too. The gifts that keep on giving.

Who are you buying for?

The Wellness Girl – You will find her charging her crystals on the full moon. While journaling and doing her gratitude practice she is burning her incense to find her Zen. Her space is her sanctuary. She loves to salute the sun and eat nourishing foods she prepares and of course posts on Insta. It is not unusual for these gals to be getting together over chai lattes and enjoying a healthy meal at the local café. Grounding and mediating is what keeps her at her best. But let’s be honest life is about balance so a cheeky vino or a cocktail with her loved ones is also in honour of self-care.


These gifts have got The Wellness Girl written all over it!

1. Summer Wellness Box  – By Bare & Wilde                                       $89


One box – a selection wellness goodies to ensure the special person receiving this wellness box is taken on a self-care journey well into the New Year. To inspire new rituals, new products to nourish and time to nurture the soul.

Enjoy over $180 worth of value in our wellness boxes containing natural beauty, health and lifestyle products – delivered directly to your doorstep. Proudly in partnership with Bare & Wilde.

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2. 100% Natural Fragrance – By Star Sign Scents             $99

Star Sign Scents specially blended with essential oils cleverly crafted to match your exact personality traits and bring out the best version of you…

Incorporating your related star sign flowers and using only the best 100% natural essential oils that enhance your mood, improve your health and wellbeing and invoke confidence in the way you smell and feel.

Special Offer –GGC 20% Discount

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 3.  Lux Gift Pack – By Lux Aestiva – The Clean Collective      $104.95

Created by a husband and wife team in North Queensland, these luxurious products are hand made with 100% natural ingredients and packaged in beautiful glass bottles that you won’t want to hide away in your cupboards. This is a gorgeous gift and numbers are limited.

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4. Yoga Mat – By Lulu lemon                                          $79

Designed for Yoga made with a little extra cushion for hips, knees, and floor poses.

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5. Jade Face Roller – By Lux Aestiva                            $46

 A great way to depuff and calm skin with the traditional Chinese anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing beauty tool that has been used for thousands of years to promote youthful appearances and smooth skin. Used to clear fluid, boost circulation, improve elasticity, promote cell turnover for a brighter, healthier look and lymphatic drainage.

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The Wellness Guy – This guy is in his power. Yes, he most likely has a crystal collection and can hold his own in a conversation about the moon cycles. You will find him at Yoga or a breathwork journey with Tim Morrison, The O2 Awakening or a man’s workshop. He loves listening to Podcast’s and Preston Smiles. He is up for doing the work. He is a hero amongst his friends and family even though they don’t understand his journey completely.  This guy’s self-care and daily rituals set him up for optimal health & peak performance. Don’t be fooled this man also knows how to have fun and how to find balance.


These gifts have got The Wellness Guy written all over it!

1. Drysense Mesh Sleeveless – By Lululemon $69

Designed for the active man who demands quality. Once you train in lululemon there is no going back.

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2. Zero Waste Bathroom For Him – By The Clean Collective      $99

A selection of our favourite zero-waste bathroom essential products for men. If you’re not sure where to start with reducing your waste, the bathroom is a great place! The pack contains zero-waste mouthwash tablets, plastic-free comb, a reusable razor, cleansing bar and pure sponge for removing sunscreen and sweat from pores.

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3. Incognito Water Bottle – Swell                                       $69.95

New York design company S’well has taken the insulated bottle market and tipped it upside down! Sexiness and insulated thermo bottles are not typically used in the same breath, until now. Designed for performance, S’well thermo bottles will keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot ones hot for 12 – and they look great while they do it. Go incognito with S’well’s Metallic Camo collection.

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4. Biohacker Set – 5 Extracts – By Lifecykel              $139  – $211.80

This is the Ultimate Professional Biohacker Value Pack! Includes the following Double Liquid Extracts:

– Lion’s Mane
– Cordyceps
– Reishi
– Turkey Tail
– Shiitake

Try out our full range of mushroom extracts and have the tools that are needed to bring a smooth flowing day into your life and bring out your best, to benefit yourself and the people around you. Our double extracts have been carefully created in the Northern Rivers, NSW and make it super easy to add some mushroom goodness to your daily routine. The mushrooms used in our double extracts have been grown locally by integrating Circular Economy principles. Our mushroom strains have been meticulously infused with Australian native, wild-harvested Kakadu Plum. We call this our “perfect fusion”. We hope you feel the mushroom and bush essence of living in harmony.

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 5. Wild Woud 100% Natural Perfume – by Vanessa Megan      $29 – $89.95

“The glowing depths of the bonfire, intoxicating from beginning to end.”

A rich, complex and unforgettable fragrance that evokes mystery with deep woody resins cloaked in fresh eastern spices.

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The Eco Warrior – These truly are earth’s children. You will find them speaking their truth on all types of environmental and humanitarian issues in the world. Community values are deep with their adorable children and family worm farm (so many mouths to feed). Shopping for these warriors is getting easier but still sourcing bulk foods and ensuring a waste free option is used at all times. Natural products and shopping local is where it is at, weekend markets anyone? Always going the extra mile. Instead of sunning themselves at the beach they will be down there picking up any plastic in sight.  It is all about the little things.

Presents from the Earth for the Earth


  1. Grow Kit Bundle Pack   – By Lifecykel                             $71.88

The Gift From Nature  – Buy all three of our Grow Kits and save 20%!

Start growing your own healthy foods in a simple and fun way plus help the bees on their important pollination mission. Great for families and people of all ages. Includes: Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit, Alkaline Greens Grow Kit and Bee Pollination Kit

Plus an extra 10% from using ‘GGC10’ when you hit the cart.

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  1. Organic Cotton Zero Waste Shopping Set – By Ever Eco  $49.95

Shop sustainably with this starter set of certified organic, unbleached cotton produce and tote bags. Ever Eco have curated all of the essentials into one oh-so-cute bundle that represents amazing value for money.

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  1. Reusable Glass Cup, Army 8/ 12 Oz                                     $27.95 – $29.95

JOCO cups are made from high quality, non-porous, borosilicate glass. They’re lightweight and resistant to extreme changes in temperature. Their superior durability makes them microwave and dishwasher safe. Your JOCO cup is free of all harmful chemical nasties including BPA, lead and cadmium. Glass doesn’t affect flavour so you will taste your coffee or tea, not your cup.
JOCO is dedicated to keeping our waterways, oceans and coasts plastic free and is the coffee cup of choice for Take 3 For The Sea.

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4. Steel Compost Bin 5L, Green                                                 $44.95

A stylish 5-litre countertop or under sink composting bin with charcoal odor filter. Made from hard-wearing stainless steel, this vintage style can makes composting a breeze. Fill and store food scraps, eggshells, etc. odor-free; then transfer to your large composting unit when full.

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5. Kombucha Scoby –                                                                         $25

Brew your own probiotic drinks! You can make your own Kombucha tea beverage at home with a Kombucha SCOBY, the unique culture that makes the delicious tea-based beverage that is filled with probiotics.

Our SCOBYs are created by using quality natural ingredients and professional methods in Melbourne. Includes Fermentation Cloth!

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I hope you have found some amazing and conscious gifts for your loved ones or maybe even inspired a purchase for yourself, or does that just happen to me when shopping for others.

Happy shopping.

In love & goodness,

Rach x


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