The Best Foods to Wake You Up in the Morning

The Best Foods to Wake You Up in the Morning


Most of us want to be a morning person, especially during spring, but for some, this just does not come naturally! If you have tried going to bed earlier, setting an alarm or scheduling in an exercise class at 5:30am but nothing seems to help, then its time to turn your attention to diet!

Certain foods can help your body wake up and feel energized during the day. If you are interested in learning which foods exactly, read on below.


Blueberries are much more than a pop of colour in your porridge or smoothies – they also offer an array of health benefits. Specifically, due to blueberries high polyphenol content, they are known to improve cognitive function, exactly what we need in the morning. Additionally, the vitamin C content of blueberries aid energy production and help increase the absorption of iron in the foods we eat, making it an important mineral for energy and vitality and one that is amply available from blueberries.


Banana is a popular post-workout go to and for good reason. Eating a banana is a simple and effective way to help restore glycogen levels and electrolytes including potassium and magnesium post exercise. When we don’t refuel properly post exercise, we are often left feeling ravenous all day long and this will go on to impact energy, or have you reaching for a donut or biscuits mid-morning. Bananas can be added to smoothies, muesli, pancake batters or simply eaten on the go.


Spinach lends itself well to breakfast meals which not only benefits our taste buds, but also our health and vitality. Spinach is a source of plant-based iron, which supports the formation of red blood cells and cellular energy production. Those who have experienced iron deficiency can relate to the negative impact it has on overall energy and vitality. To get more iron from foods, make sure to combine it with a source of vitamin C such as lemon juice, garlic, tomatoes or parsley.

Free Range Eggs

The humble egg is hands down, the perfect breakfast addition to start your day. This is because eggs offer a source of iron, which supports the formation of red blood cells and cellular energy production, protein to help stabilise appetite, and B vitamins, which are necessary to convert food into energy and help the nervous system deal with daily stressors. They are also an incredibly versatile ingredient and can be eaten on the go!

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a breakfast no brainer! They not only offer essential omega-3 fats but also protein, both of which make sure appetite and therefore energy levels are stable until your next meal or snack. We cannot make our own supply of essential fats so its important to get enough via our diet and adding hemp to breakfast is a simple and delicious way to do this!

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