How to Become a Melbourne CrossFit Junkie

How to Become a Melbourne CrossFit Junkie


Seen the videos of the CrossFit games and think it’s just for the gifted? Think again. CrossFit is a sport that is now coming to the forefront of every city. With a combination of Olympic lifting and cardio based movements, CrossFit is a mix of constantly varied functional movements performed at high-intensity. The CrossFit formula is copied and pasted all over the world, so you know exactly what you’re going to get no matter where you are on the map. Yes the real athletes of CrossFit may seem superhuman, but they all started somewhere, right? Lucky for us, we’ve got CrossFit boxes opening up left right and centre in Melbourne… so we can all become CrossFit junkies in no time.

Schwartz’s CrossFit

Known as the oldest CrossFit box in the whole of Melbourne, Schwart’z is the king when it comes to CrossFit. After 18 years in Melbourne, they sure do have their CrossFit training down pat. Even their trainers are CrossFit regional athletes, so you’ll be learning from the best of the best. You know you’re going to get state of the art care at this old gem. Find them in Caulfield South on Glen Huntly Road.

St. Kilda CrossFit

If you prefer something a little less intense and a little more light hearted, CrossFit St. Kilda is where it’s at. If you’re new to CrossFit and want to create a good base foundation for all of the movements, St Kilda have got you covered with their friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. Forget the intimidation, everyone is welcome! They even have a doughnut party on Fridays…. All the more reason to train, right? Find them in the heart of St Kilda on St Kilda road.

Vault Performance

Are you a workaholic amidst the hustle and bustle of city life? Luckily Vault Performance is set in the heart of the CBD, so if you’re stretched for time and can’t make that gym class near home, just pop on over to Vault Performance on your lunch break for an hour of intensity that will leave you feeling recharged and focused for the rest of the day. Find them in the CBD on Queen Street.

The Ox Box

Set in the heart of Collingwood, The Ox Box will bring out the savage beast in you. You will be challenged during every class. You body will be pushed beyond its limits. Your mind will grow and learn to believe. Their expert coaches are professional and create personalised training classes no matter your fitness level. No matter your goals, The Ox Box will get you there. Find them in Collingwood on Cromwell Street.

Charge CrossFit

Charge CrossFit ensures you’re taught the proper CrossFit techniques and skills to be able to complete any class. ‘We work on moving your body the way it’s meant to be moved. We will allow you to exceed your expectations, increase your capacity, and gain confidence in and outside of the gym.’ Each WOD (workout of the day) will bring you a different set of movements to complete each day, so ensure you never get bored. Find them in Northcote on Goldsmith Road.


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