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Alison Callan PTY Ltd – Brisbane Coach

Alison Callan PTY Ltd – Brisbane Coach

Alison is an International Award Winning Clarity & Success Coach, Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker, and a Co-Author of the #1 Best Selling Book ‘You Are Meant For More’.
An empathic and heart-led purposeful Business Mentor to aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs and career women, Alison started her own coaching business whilst on maternity leave and took it full time after accepting redundancy following the birth of her second child, grasping this opportunity to create a career path that felt authentic to her, that was truly satisfying and empowering, rather than sticking to the path she thought she ought to follow.
She is passionate about sharing her experiences with mindfulness making it tangible and practical for inclusion in everybody’s lives, regardless of age and stage.
Her mission is to help and champion the introverted, empathic and intuitive women starting in business or taking their professions by storm, to ensure they step up to be seen, and heard.

‘I empower people to authentically and passionately live lives they love and deserve with clarity and purpose through mindfulness, coaching and Conscious Creation. We have infinite potential, we are creative, resourceful and whole. This is the time to believe in ourselves and command a reality we choose.’

Alison is an Accredited Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and trained in Akashic Records Readings and Healings.

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