7 Epic Brisbane Beauty Brands That Will Transform Your Skin

7 Epic Brisbane Beauty Brands That Will Transform Your Skin


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Brisbane isn’t just the capital of the Sunshine State. This buzzing metropolis is also home to some of Australia’s best natural and cruelty-free beauty brands. Check out the seven we think worthy of finding a home on your #shelfie.

Erica Brooke Skincare

This eponymous range was founded by Erica while working as a barista and wanting a natural scrub that could remove the coffee from her hands. Her natural skincare brand has grown to a curated collection of simple and effective moisturisers, cleansers and body oils. Her newest product, Emerald Elixir, stands out as a powerhouse of ingredients including blue spirulina, Co Enzyme Q10 and tamanu oil – an all star for plumping and hydrating the skin.

Quite Frankly Natural

Quite Frankly Natural, formulated and founded by Samantha Marsh, pushes the boundaries of natural beauty products and pairs the finest available ingredients with cutting-edge botanical chemistry. The range (which is also unisex!) is vegan, organic, cruelty-free and made in Australia. Our picks? The Facial Revitalising Silver Perfecting Cream and the Coconut and Citrus Body Oil.

Miskin Organic Skincare

Don’t judge a book by its cover. The simplicity of Miskin Organic’s products are what makes them a staple in your daily skincare routine. We’re yet to meet a cleanser that comes close to Miskin’s Smooth Face Cleanser – a delicious and nourishing oil cleanser that turns to a milk cleanser with water and leaves skin feeling cleansed but not stripped. The range is made in small batches and uses food-grade ingredients to support your healthiest and most glowy skin!

Dunkle Authentic

There’s a confidence that comes when you step out wearing a bold red lip and Dunkle Authentic, by Molly Dunkle, is the range to give wearers those feel good moments. The collection of lipsticks and foundation are hand blended and poured with each colour named after Molly’s most loved travel destinations. Pick yourself up a little happy with these feel-good lipsticks!

The Great State

The Great State is a one-product wonder that embraces the simple things in life and takes its role as a multitasking balm seriously. This natural and toxin-free balm is your saving grace for chapped lips, cracked heels, moisturising cuticles, nourishing dry elbows, soothing nappy rash, and even mixing with your powder foundation to make a creamy tinted moisturiser!

hop & cotton

Cosmetic chemist and molecular biologist, Ee Ting started hop & cotton initially to answer her own quest to end her skin struggles. After creating products to suit her own skin’s needs, friends soon started requesting custom blends and the ethos of hop & cotton was born. The recently-launched brand customises cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliants and body products to your individual skin needs via a skin test online.

And while not technically Brisbane-based, the next two in our list are too-good to not earn honourable mentions for their proximity to Brisbane and commitment to great Sunshine State beauty brands!

Soak Society

Soak Society is on a mission to make baths cool again. Natalie, Soak Society’s founder, wanted to embrace her love of natural beauty and wellness with a self-care ritual that encouraged reflection, relaxation and reconnection with ourselves. There’s no bright coloured bath salts or bath bombs in the range, instead subtle sophistication is the name of this game with her soaks made from high quality natural and organic ingredients. And if that isn’t enough to make you run a bath and load up your Netflix queue, Soak Society is also accredited by independent Australian non-profit organisation Choose Cruelty Free.

Alpine and Sea

Made in Currumbin on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Alpine and Sea is 100% vegan and an ode to people who want to know what they’re putting on their skin. Designed to give your skin the support and nourishment it needs, the hand-made range includes a hydrating mist (the Jet Lag Hydration Skin Water is a must-have in our opinion for work, play and travel!), serum, and Vitamin C mask.

Blog post written by Lani, Brisbane natural beauty fan and marketing and PR specialist at Deane & Co.


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