5 Products to Keep Your Immune System Strong + Safe

5 Products to Keep Your Immune System Strong + Safe


Well, things are escalating fast as the world is dealing with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Here in Australia, we are a good 10 days to 2 weeks behind the European outbreak. We have our Government making decisions to keep us safe.

The 2 biggest things from a wellness/wellbeing point of view is that we keep our stress levels down – keep up our mindfulness practices more than ever and stay nourished. Nutrition is such a big part of what we can control as well as our mindset. In a time on uncertainty, let’s focus on what we can control. I wanted to share 5 Products I am using to boost my immune system and my families.

⚡️ Turkey Tail – Honour your gut with Turkey Tail Mushroom Liquid Extract by Life Cykel

The Turkey Tail mushroom is an extremely abundant mushroom found predominantly in temperate forests. The name of the mushroom originates from its appearance, as the mushroom fruiting body resembles ruffled feathers of a turkey’s tail as it grows on decaying trees [1].

The Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom

The bioactive compounds within Turkey Tail mushroom that promote beneficial physiological activities are beta-glucans, mainly polysaccharopeptide (PSP) and Polysaccharide Krestin (PSK). They help to induce the production and activity of immune cells known as cytokines, which are key for cell signalling during an immune response, this in turn may help our body to more efficiently respond to infection [1-3].

You can get the Immune Boosting Set HERE.  “GGC10” for a 10% Discount on any product.

⚡️ The Mushroom of Immortality – Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract by Life Cykel

The Reishi mushroom is a red woody fungus that tends to grow predominantly on hardwoods. The mushroom is commonly known as the mushroom of immortality, as it has been used for many millennia in Chinese medicine to treat various diseases such as insomnia and cardiovascular diseases. In China, the Reishi mushroom is regarded as a symbol of health, longevity, success and divine power.

The Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

The bioactive constituents that have been found to hold beneficial properties within the Reishi mushroom are mainly triterpenoids and polysaccharides such as beta-glucans. These are considered as potent agents for enhancing the immune system, as well as potentially having high antioxidant and anti-microbial capacities.

The mushroom is also well known for its beneficial effects on sleep and relaxation. When consumed the mushroom can decrease sleep latency (time is taken to fall asleep) and may increase overall sleeping time, which explains why the mushroom has also been used to treat restlessness, palpitation, and insomnia in China for hundreds of years.

You can get the Immune Boosting Set HERE. “GGC10” for a 10% Discount on any product.

⚡️ Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost by The Beauty Chef

Anyone with dull, stressed or sun-damaged skin, wanting to enjoy naturally radiant skin. Help protect your skin from cellular aging, boost your immune system and nourish your gut microbiome with The Beauty Chef’s ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost™. This probiotic concentrate is rich in bio-fermented papaya to help combat free radical damage and boost gut health with natural digestive enzymes and probiotics. With scientifically-proven immune-enhancing properties, ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost™ is an ideal tonic if you are recovering from illness, have tired and sallow-looking skin or your skin has been affected by environmental assault.

You can get the goods here.

⚡️ Glow Inner Beauty Powder by The Beauty Chef

Anyone looking for an essential daily beauty blend to improve gut health and support skin rejuvenation.

GLOW Inner Beauty Powder is your essential daily beauty blend, containing 24 Certified Organic, bio-fermented and probiotic superfoods, for good gut health and healthy, glowing skin.

You can get the goods here.

⚡️ Super Greens by White Wolf Nutrition

Greens Gut Health + Immunity – The greens have been specially formulated to include an industry-leading blend of ingredients, charged with aiding your body’s natural immune function. Including a world-first blend of anti-parasitic essential oils, and gut-specific raw organic wholefoods to improve gut health and increase nutrient absorption while decreasing bloating.

Their protein powders are next level so if you need to stock up on anything and ensure you are being nourished over this time. Get onto these. But the Greens are essential for protection right now.

You can get the goods here.  Use code “GGC10” to get a 10% discount on anything storewide.


I hope that helps beautiful people. Stay calm, stay positive and most importantly stay healthy.

In love & goodness,

Rach xx

Goodness Goddess (AKA Your Goodness Dealer)


Photo credit: @the_sunkissed_kitchen – there is a rad recipe using the Turkey Tail on here.

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