5 of the Best Outdoor Workouts in Sydney

5 of the Best Outdoor Workouts in Sydney


Finally spring has officially sprung, and we are on course for sunnier days as we head towards summer in Sydney! I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like the first hint of beach days to get me wanting to look and feel my fittest. With indoor gym sessions seeming wayyyy too sweaty and unbearable though, I like to take my workout alfresco to enjoy the sunshine and fresh breezes that are abound at this time of year!

There’s possibly no better start or end to the day than watching the sunrise or sunset as you burn your way through those cals and get the endorphins flowing. So why not embrace the sunnier weather and try out some of Sydney’s best outdoor workouts?

1. Surf’s Up!

It wouldn’t be Australia without suggesting surfing as one of the top outdoor workouts to try! Surfing is a fantastic way to keep fit, as it is one of the best cardiovascular exercises out there, but without the impact on your knees, hips and back, compared to some other high cardio activities.

Never tried it before? Why not challenge yourself to give this much loved Aussie sport a go and sign up for a few lessons at a Sydney surf school. There are loads to choose from, but one with a great reputation is Manly Surf School. A lesson here will focus on teaching the skills of surfing and how to handle yourself and your surfboard in the ocean. Their top team of pro instructors will provide fantastic guidance, whilst also ensuring you’re having a stack of fun. One surf lesson starts from as little as $70.00, so what are you waiting for? Additionally, this is the perfect date activity too!

2. Hit Bondi Beach’s Outdoor Gym

Located in North Bondi, Campbell Parade, this unmissable and iconic workout spot isn’t for the faint hearted, set up with monkey bars and the like, so you can flex your muscles and strut your stuff with the beautiful view of the ocean just in front of you. If you’d prefer to workout with a group rather than rocking you own thing, why not join an outdoor workout group sesh, such as Bondi Outdoor: a community of new and old fitness bunnies who are making the most of the beautiful Sydney environment. The mixture of classes, combined with their unlimited class membership pack, means that you are welcome to join as many sessions as you like, from boxing through to restorative yoga and Pilates. There’s certainly something to suit every taste!

3. Dive In

When the sun is scorching down, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in cool turquoise waters and cooling right off, whilst getting the blood pumping with some laps in the water. The ocean is great, but if you don’t fancy contending with the waves, there are plenty of great outdoor pools to dive into. The breathtaking Icebergs, located in South Bondi, is an awesome spot to swim, adjacent to the sea, so you can even experience the spray of the waves as you do laps. Another great option is Andrew “Boy” Charlton Pool, an eight-lane, outdoor heated, salt-water 50-metre swimming pool on the shore of Woolloomooloo Bay at the Domain in Sydney, Australia, near the Royal Botanic Gardens. Even more excuse to treat yourself to that new bathing suit eh!

4. Run it Out

Running is a fantastic cardio exercise and a great way to keep lean and enjoy the outdoors. You’ll never be short of stunning scenic routes to run in Sydney, including the likes of the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk and Manly to Spit, or even a few laps around the serene Centennial Park. If, however, you fancy the support of a gang, there are plenty of running groups out there which will help you keep motivated and allow for fun socialising with a group of like minded sporty folk. Why not check out the Sydney Trail Series for an array of different groups to suit all levels.

5. Can’t Touch This!

TRL (Touch Rugby League) is non-contact Rugby League and a great way to experience the camaraderie of being part of a team with a common goal, whilst enjoying the outdoors. Why not get stuck in and give this fun contact sport a whirl? There are many teams located around Sydney, and you could join a fun and vibrant community, and a dose of healthy competition against the other teams whilst you’re at it. Check out TRL for more info about the game and to find the closest location for you!

Blog post written by Katy Moore, Brit living in Sydney and obsessed with everything health and wellness related.


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