4 Ways To Take Your Health Journey To The Next Level

4 Ways To Take Your Health Journey To The Next Level


Need some extra cred for a new wellness career or a little kick-start for your personal health journey? We’ve got you.

The Juicy Life Program

Radiant health coach Carla Thomas is THE name in wellness with her holistic approach to fuelling the mind, body and soul and a robust focus on mind-body medicine. She digs the power of whole foods and the essential role they play in our overall health and loves to share her personal health philosophies and everyday principles, routines, and nutrient-loaded recipes through The Juicy Life Program.

The minimum 4-month program is the ultimate first step in adopting a holistic approach to clean living, building on a base of supplemented wholefood nutrition to suit your lifestyle and goals. It’s great for anyone looking to: boost energy and vitality with whole foods and natural nutrients; mothers looking for a scientifically studied and peer-reviewed nutrient boost ideal for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation; and anyone in general ill health looking for a pick-me-up. You’ll nab your own coach, personalised guidance, access to private online groups and a members area with tips, special offers, recipes, support and a library with e-books on health, beauty, fitness, recipe ideas, a weekly menu template and more.

On top of this, you’ll get a tailored wholefood nutrition supplement program, with options for smoothies, fruit, vegetable, berry, and omega capsules for that juicy boost! For those looking to embark on a healthier, happier more energised journey to wellness, there is no better place to kick off.

Visit Carla’s Website to sign-up to her newsletter for free holistic health tips, news and recipes.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

New York-based Institute for Integrative Nutrition the largest nutrition school in the world – that is, it’s bee’s knees of programs to boost your cred as an integrative nutrition Health Coach. Names like Pippa Middleton are undertaking the year-long, online course, joining graduates including Sarah Wilson and Melissa Ambrosini.

While we’re name-dropping, the IIN course is taught over 40 modules by world-class educators like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, David Wolfe, Huffington Post editor Arianna Huffington, Alicia Silverstone and Dr Mehmet Oz (of TV show Dr Oz). These industry experts espouse wisdom on the topics of nutrition, personal development, coaching skills, and business training. The program teaches over 100 dietary theories – from vegan to macrobiotics, and from raw food to Ayurveda – enabling students to better understand what works for client’s body, age, gender, blood type, and ancestral background (or bio-individuality).

IIN Health Coaches leave with the ability to create effective, personalised, customised eating plans for their clients. Over 100,000 students and graduate Health Coaches in over 150 countries have gone on to become individual, corporate and group health coaches, workshop leaders, work at yoga studios, become chefs and host cooking classes, restaurant owners, food delivery business owners, begin their own online wellness programs and become wellness bloggers and published authors. Get IIN there!

Or check out a FREE Trial Class here.

Endeavour College

It is good time to become more involved in goodness, with the booming natural health industry creating high demand for natural health professionals – like the graduates coming straight outta Endeavour. Endeavour College is the largest Natural Medicine College in the Southern Hemisphere, with six campuses across the nation (Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and the Gold Coast) and over 6000 students around the country. It’s the go-to for an informed curriculum structured around gaining your letters in a Bachelor of Health Science, with degrees in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine, Acupuncture, Myotherapy and a fully online Bachelor of Complementary Medicine on offer. Get your cred and sail straight into a new career in health and wellness!

Call 1300 462 887 or visit www.endeavour.edu.au

Yab Yum Yoga Teacher Training

You’ll be Yogi-ing like a pro after doing a stretch at Yab Yum Yoga Teacher Training. The intensive Yab Yum Yoga 200hr Vinyasa Tantra Teacher Training is an holistic journey of mind, body and spirit. Be prepared to laugh, cry, move, learn and grow over the 3 week Bali-based intensive that goes beyond the Asana, fusing the two beautiful elements that are Vinyasa and Tantra together. Yab Yum believe the best Yoga teachers need to be well taught and fully informed but also need have grown and learnt outside of the Yoga practice – which means they believe in bestowing graduates with heart, an authentic voice and humility.

Tantra philosophy classes are the part of this training, meaning that when you land that job in a Yoga studio you will be able to command the room and have confidence to own what you teach. The course includes exclusive villa accommodation in Canggu, paired with delicious vegetarian fare. If you love Yoga, the community it provides and have a yearning for deep seeded personal growth, this training is an excellent choice! The next course starts August 6-26 2018.

Phone 0497 188 999 or visit www.yabyumyoga.com

Image: @roottorisehealth

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