10 Health and Wellness Trends to Watch in 2019

10 Health and Wellness Trends to Watch in 2019


This year, we saw medicinal mushrooms rise in popularity and a boom in CBD based products. As always, things have progressed and in 2019, they involve everything from studios dedicated solely to fitness recovery and the rise of new buzzwords like ‘regenerative agriculture’ and ‘mesonutrients’. These are the 10 health and wellness trends to look out for next year:

We’ll likely see more ‘biohacking’ equipment in gyms

Once an afterthought to exercise, recovery is now the main event. “Growth doesn’t happen during the workout but during the recovery phase,” says Upgrade Labs CEO Martin Tobias. With technologies emerging to speed up the recovery process, we’ve seen the rise of the slow fitness movement and therapies that speed up the recovery process. So far, we’ve already seen the Theragun, a handheld massage gun developed by a chiropractor enter the market and a California studio launch that’s dedicated solely to post training recovery.

Plant based fish is on the rise

As the urgency to reverse climate change is growing, people are becoming aware of the impact of agriculture on the environment. Yellowfin Tuna is at risk of extinction in a couple of years due to overfishing and fish is becoming an increasingly questionable source of protein, since a large majority of it is filled with micro plastics and hormones. In response to this, we’ll likely see more companies like Good Catch Foods emerge in the new year. With plant based raw tuna alternatives already set to launch in Wholefoods Stores, we’ll see a range of plant based seafood hit the market, filled with Omega-3’s from algae oil to mimic the nutritional content of ocean caught fish.

We’re getting more in touch with our cycles

A greater understanding of our hormone cycles and circadian rhythms is expected to become more common. Since the release of Alissa Vitti’s book Women’s Code in 2013, workshops are emerging about how to eat, plan your week and look after yourself according to the four phases of a woman’s hormone cycle.

Regenerative agriculture will soon become buzzword

The UN recently warned us about the future of our planet if we don’t reverse carbon emissions in the next 12 years. Damaging the earth beyond repair is now a reality if we don’t act swiftly, so in 2019, we’ll naturally see a rise of practices within companies that are not only sustainable, but actually help to solve the problem. Enter, ‘regenerative techniques’ in farming; the act of returning nutrients into soil, so it can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. With scientists estimating that we could lose all the topsoil on earth by 2075 if we continue the way we’re going, regenerative agriculture is said to be the next frontier in combating climate change.

Rowing studios are the new spin

It used to be pedal to the medal on the gym class schedule, but these days boutique rowing and ladder climbing studios are beginning to emerge, like Crew Row in Sydney and the brutal HITT ladder workout at this London studio.

‘Mesonutrients’ is added to the common vocabulary

We all know about our macro and micro nutrients, but if you haven’t yet heard about ‘mesonutrients,’ you’ll probably hear a lot more of it in 2019. Meaning ‘inside’ in Greek, mesonutrients are the active compounds that make food so good for you. A lot of active compounds, like curcumin in Tumeric, require eating whole lot of it to get the benefits cited in most studies. Scientists gave their subjects 400mg of curcumin while studying its benefits and that requires eating 100 kilos of turmeric. In the plight to more easily access these golden mesonutrients, companies like Coyne Healthcare have launched their mesonutrients supplements like their Bio-Curcumin so we all have access to its benefits.

You’ll see more brain boosting nutrition supplements

We’re expecting more neural supplements to grow traction in 2019, with functional drinks emerging to help with brain fog, poor memory, anxiety and lack of focus and depression. Launched by Surrey psychotherapist Jane Barnfield-Jukes, Eudeamon have released supplements that promote psychological and emotional wellbeing naturally.

Fat fasting is now a thing

Fasting methods are as common as yoga studios, but just when you thought you’d heard it all, ‘fat fasting’ is now a thing. Developed by naturopath and former Hollywood Stunt Double Annelie Whitfield, she creates coffee and collagen blends through her business Ancient + Brave Earth, to support your body during the ancient fasting methods she swears by. Filled with medium chain triglyceride oil, her drinks help burn fat, manage hunger pangs and boost brain power.

People are going to get more technical about running

We’ve heard of mindful running, but 2019 will see technical running enter the mainstream. Runners jargon will no longer be reserved for the athlete. You might hear the terms ‘lactate thresholds’, ‘MHR’s’ and ‘negative splits’ slip into your mate’s vocabulary. We’re already seeing it emerge with hobby runners in London being coached by elite trainers at Track Life London.

You’ll likely hear of the ‘Eco Keto’ diet

With the ketogenic diet boom well underway with companies like Whole30 advocating a diet of nothing but vegetables and animal fat — growing environmental awareness has caused growing friction between people’s dietary and environmental beliefs. In keeping with their diet, there’s a new ilk of plant based keto eaters emerging — keeping the same high-fat and protein diet, just without the meat.

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